ISPO Munich 2016

ISPO Munich Highlights

From Sunday till yesterday the sports product industry gathered together at ISPO Munich. Over 80.000 visitors and more than 2600 companies were represented at Messe München. From Indoor SUP, Yoga Session to an outdoor snowboard lift a lot of program was offered.

We checked out ISPO and highlighted some trends we spotted:

Virtual Reality & Video 

Video and Virtual Reality can not be ignored at ISPO 2016. Starting with Icaros a virtual reality game and fitness device. Looks out of space, makes fun and trains your body!

But also 360° cameras are coming like Panono which shoots full-spherical panorama images with just one shot. 36 camera lenses enable great images with high resolution.
Last year GoPro bought Kolor a virtual reality company and the impact was visible at ISPO. 360Heros was promoted strongly with VR Goggles all over. But not only market leader GoPro was represented also other action camera producers like Rollei or TnB.

Drones and camera stabilization systems were as well represented from Kickstarter Darling and first Auto-Follow Drone Airdog to well established players like DJI.

Video content is growing rapidly hence video marketing is getting more and more important. Check out this mastermind example of Robbie Maddisons hell ride for DC Shoe, which won a communication award.

E- Mobility

From lightweight E-Bikes like the ones from Freygeist to motorized scooters the ISPO was packed with E-Mobility devices.

My personal hightlight was OneWheel a motorized board with one big wheel. So much fun! Unfortunately at the moment still a bit too expensive for myself! I added there video below 

Also Lifts are gettting more mobile: Elisum developed a fully transportable cable lift. It enables you to set up a wakeboard or skiing lift everywhere.


Brands like Adidas and Nike offer customized shoes for some time now but also other sport goods are getting more and more individualized. Ünique Skis presented beautiful personalized wooden skis with Manner Schnitten and Frankfurter on top.

ISPO it was blast! See you next year when we present Stabylizr!

Your GoPro Stabilizer!

Stabylizr- Your GoPro Stabilizer Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a stable new year

2015 has been exciting

and especially the last weeks: we won Startup Live Vienna, got nominated by der Brutkasten as one of the Top 10 Austrian inventions in 2015, we tested STABYLIZR – your GoPro Stabilizer in a  film production and much more. But we were not only attending events we are continuously working on and improving our STABYLIZR prototype based on your feedback.

2016 full of energy and ready to rumble

There is still a lot in the pipeline. We will finalize our prototype and decide on a manufacturer. We are attending ISPO Munich from 24.-27. January 2016 as visitors. If you would like to catch up just send as a mail.

We wish you merry Christmas and a stable New Year!

Stabylizr GoPro Stabylizr New Year

Stabylizr Sacher Dreh

Using GoPro cameras in movie productions

If you think of GoPros as sports cameras only you miss out some great opportunities. GoPro cameras are used in movie productions for quiet a while now and are getting more popular. Music videos, short movies, documentaries and even Hollywood productions are relying on GoPros for the whole production or in addition to A-roll cameras. For some reasons:

Get more creative

I like Shane Needs comment on Hurblog on how he used GoPro Hero 3 cameras for „Need for Speed“

„My philosophy is to shoot with whatever tool will help tell the story …“

This little camera with a wide array of mounts available enable filmmakers numerous of possibilities to enfold their creativity.  Starting with unique images from impossible angles, which are hard or impossible to get even with small DSLR cameras. Underwater footage or shoots in a wet environment are easily done with GoPros inside a waterproof housing and can add some great value to your project. Time lapses and drone footage are other great new opportunities. Since not all drones have cameras attached adding a small lightweight camera to your drone can help you create great aerial videos. GoPro is as well launching a drone in the first half of next year.


Turn ProTune on! It enables more shooting modes and settings for resolutions and frame rates. If you are shooting with an A-roll camera match your settings. When setting your format,  you can choose between narrow, medium and wide angle. With narrow or medium angle it is easier to seamlessly mix GoPro footage with other cameras footage.

When Stabylizr was tested for some scenes for the documentary „Hotel Sacher“- a co-production from ORF, Arte and Geyrhalter Film, directed by Beate Thalberg, we used our GoPro Hero 4 set with 1920×1080 pixels and 50fps (european settings) with different angles.

Stabylizr is a small and lightweight GoPro Stabilizer. It helps you shoot smooth and steady footage instead of shaky videos. The aim of this shoot was to get some moving images for which you would normally need a big and heavy steadicam.

Set-up: GoPro Hero 4 , Stabylizr, Pole